The Ultimate Products List


Are you tired of spending countless hours on AliExpress looking for a single solid product just to test?


I'm sure the answer is undoubtedly yes...


I decided to do all of the dirty work, spending countless hours searching AliExpress, spying on stores, cross-referencing everything. Thus leaving you with nothing to do but copy and paste. 


I compiled a massive list of products exclusively for you to test using Google Ads. 


What is included in this list, and is everything really covered?


Yes, it is covered...and here is what is included


  • 40 Products
  • Video Explaining How To Use The List & Where To Paste The Information
  • Optimized Product Title
  • SEO Product Title
  • Optimized Product Description
  • SEO Product Description
  • AliExpress Link
  • Exact Pricing For Each Individual Variant Of The Product
  • ALT Image Text (Important For SEO)
  • Tags (Important For SEO)
  • Main Keywords For Each Product
  • Search Volume & CPC For Each Keyword


When one of these products make a few sales and you make your money back and more, isn't it all worth it?


This is an exclusive list of products that I have held onto and didn't want to give out to anyone, but I decided as an educator in the marketing space it is my duty to offer help to those who want it.


Obviously some of you may say, "well if you want to help then make it free". That is the mindset of someone who only wants and doesn't understand the value of this list. If you are one of these individuals then please close this page and move on with your day. This exclusive list is only for those who are going to act and put in the work to run these products. Those who understand the value. 


I appreciate you all and look forward to seeing you put in the work to make some of that sweet Google money. 


Side note: These products aren't only good for Q4. I only put valuable products that can last a lot longer than that.


Ultimate Products List


    Art Hernandez

    ©2018 Trifold Marketing, LLC​